50/50 Winners


The winning ticket number will be announced over the public address system in Rogers Place during the third period of each of the 50/50 Licensed Games. In the case of a discrepancy between the announced number and the actual number appearing on the drawn ticket, the actual number appearing on the drawn ticket will be considered to be the valid winning ticket. If the Prize is not claimed during the Game, the winning ticket number will be posted on the Oil Kings website at

The holder of the winning ticket will have until 4:00 p.m. (Mountain Time) two (2) business days from the time of the announcement to present the winning ticket to the 50/50 Licensee. The holder of the winning ticket can present the winning ticket to a 50/50 Licensee representative who will be available at the North Guest Services on the main concourse of Rogers Place near Section 120 during the 50/50 Licensed Game or at the 50/50 Licensee’s Head Office at 300, 10214 104 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta after the 50/50 Licensee Game.

All Prizes not claimed on or before the Prize Claim Expiry Date (4:00 PM two business days from the Raffle date), will be added to one or more prize pools at the discretion of the 50/50 Licensee, with AGLC approval. This means that any unclaimed Prizes will be redistributed by adding the amount to the Raffle of another designated 50/50 Licensed Game.



Game Winner Amount Ticket#
Sept. 22 vs. Red Deer Katrina Blacklock $6,387.50 124973C
Sept. 29 vs. Lethbridge Donald Prior $3,662.50 117453A
Oct. 12 vs. Calgary John Keefe $4,812.50 130972C
Oct. 13 vs. Portland Robert Grimstead $4,067.50 116021C
Oct. 25 vs. Medicine Hat Steven A Rohatyn $5,432.50 116793C
Oct. 26 vs. Seattle Oren Grabas $6,772.50 129682C
Nov. 1 vs. Saskatoon Anonymous $5,590.00 111600B
Nov. 5 vs. Prince Albert Gordon Ronald Elliott $3,155.00 133194C
Nov. 9 vs. Calgary Todd Douglas Anderson $7,972.50 130947C
Nov. 11 vs. Tri-City James Wightman $6,715.00 131036C
Nov. 17 vs. Brandon Philip Syrett $6,730.00 132403C
Nov. 30 vs. Calgary Neil Halun $8,320.00 115927C
Dec. 1 vs. Regina  Kevin Laumbach $6,612.50  115977C
Dec. 3 vs. Moose Jaw  Anonymous  $3,457.50  121173C
Dec. 7 vs. Calgary  James Sokolowski  $29,765.00  11054C
Dec. 11 vs. Swift Current  Paul Rymal  $3,237.50  127189B
Dec. 13 vs. Swift Current  Richard Ellis  $6,092.50  124219C
Dec. 28 vs. Red Deer  David Perrott $12,387.50  121237C
Jan. 1 vs. Everett  Thomas Rupert  $13,192.50  126016C
Jan. 3 vs. Moose Jaw  Kristjan Heidrick  $7,945  123406C
Jan. 5 vs. Saskatoon  Jacob Murray  $7,512.50  127969C
Jan. 17 vs. Prince Albert  Brian Anderson  $7,947.50  125799C
Jan. 19 vs. Medicine Hat  Valentin Shifrin  $7,967.50  122893C
Jan. 28 vs. Brandon  Theodore Alexander-Ward  $4,127.50 115911C
Feb. 1 vs. Winnipeg  Neil Korotash  $11,110.00  119114C
Feb. 7 vs. Red Deer  Sheena Marie Laniuk  $7,237.50  118525C
Feb. 14 vs. Regina  Unclaimed  $8,435.00  131170C
Feb. 15 vs. Medicine Hat  Donald Eden $13,763.00  123434C
Feb. 17 vs. Lethbridge  Julie Watton  $12,855.00  109908C
Feb. 25 vs. Winnipeg  N/A  N/A  N/A
Mar. 4 vs. Spokane  Norm Lacombe  $4,582.50  122732BB
Mar. 6 vs. Swift Current  Shawn Nelson  $12,820.00  124356C
Mar. 15 vs. Lethbridge
Mar. 21 vs. Red Deer